Thursday, July 28, 2016

Chak's Take: Chak's Eight-Week Reflection of Listening to Adam McGurk on KRTY Ahead of the Garlic Festival

With the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival approaching, you think that listening to KSBW Action News 8 would be just the station for the Gilroy Garlic Festival coverage. Even with the unveiling of their new set a couple of weeks ahead of the Garlic Festival, it's true that KSBW and Central Coast ABC, supported by their parent company, Hearst Television, are the official television hosts of the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival. I often have seen KSBW anchor Dan Green in person, along with former KSBW anchor and Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital personality Kate Callinghan, and celebrates from the ABC show "The Chew" would entertain viewers. Although I was not sure about whether Dennis Lehnen does like garlic, that is unknown as Lehnen is retiring from the station. However, this blog is not mainly about the television station or any of it's personalities, and that is only one-half of my entertainment portion.

The other half of my entertainment portion is listening to Adam McGurk on KRTY (the focus of this blog), as the time for me to reflect on how often I listen to McGurk from my own point of view. In addition, I also try to figure out for myself if the Gilroy Garlic Festival is McGurk's favorite festival in Santa Clara County.

Back in June, I first told viewers about my review on McGurk and from my own accounts, attempted to reveal who he is. In that blog, McGurk does have a love for San Jose and much of Santa Clara County, as he has the perfect country voice for listeners like me to enjoy his unique Silicon Valley style. I'm 100 percent confident that I will enjoy his voice on air. In addition, I'm not a fake listener, as I have tried every available effort to tune my radio to KRTY from 6 to 10AM every Saturday morning or at any time he fills in.

However, in spite of me trying to get my fans to listening to McGurk, there are some sad things about my efforts to convince my followers to listen to McGurk. First, my effort focused on trying to let my followers know who McGurk is and even convince anyone who read my blog on McGurk to tune to him and hear his smooth voice of country music in Silicon Valley. But there is no such statistic about how many listeners actually tuned in the past 8 weeks since KLIV's news operation went offline and changed to classic country music. I have not heard any comments from people so far about who actually is a big fan of McGurk like me.

I have also tried all of my efforts on my social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and my blog to do the convincing, but apparently, it's a tough thing to do, even when social media comes into the action. Social media, especially my Facebook - and less extensively, my Twitter and Instagram, are very tough to come by as more people are a bit busy. McGurk is so busy at the radio station and at his events that he may not have noticed my blogs about him, rendering me unable to ask him a few questions relating to how he followed the footsteps of his family's personalities.

Whenever radio is not near me at my San Martin nest, I have tried every available effort to tune in to McGurk via the KRTY's website using my home router and streaming as such on my laptop or iPhone, but my home router seems to have problems. It consistently shuts me off, causing some router issues and having me to diagnose the problem - and I had to do so every 20 minutes on average. Although the sound of music and McGurk would reappear whenever I fixed the problem, I often had to do it again for the same problem. When I can't use my router or radio, I was forced to use my iPhone to tune in (and using my data plan), which I think is a considerable waste of my data plan's resource, despite that I recently got an attachment known as the SLXtreme (the most recent version is the 6, named after the design to be compatible with the iPhone 6).

And my whole weekend is when I must switch my trips between Gilroy and San Jose State University from my San Martin nest. On that Saturday, I will enjoy listening to Adam McGurk on KRTY, but directly rushing to SJSU instead of Gilroy to do some math corrections from students (that is, those in grade school). There won't be any Garlic fun for me on that day, but Pokemon fun will take that place for that time being.

Will my Friday or Sunday be any fun at all for McGurk at the Garlic Festival, as well as his favorite festival to visit? No one will say for sure, but I'm very sure that garlic may be part of what McGurk would love on the menu, along with hearing from local artists near the KRTY music stage and from the booth. But if I do see McGurk in person, what will he say to me should he spot me during the festival? There is a lot to wonder when I think about McGurk. I have never used offensive language in any of my social media or blog posts.

For now, expect me to do a slew of walking for at least the next few days over the intense heat and the smoke from the Soberanes fire that could make me cough in Santa Clara County. But I should keep in mind that although my first review on Adam McGurk is great, I'm currently unable to chat with McGurk about my review of his unique voice - that is due to his very hefty schedule. And this weekend, expect me to have updates on my social media pages (you can search me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). I hope this will give my followers some insight on how I'm doing, from hearing some of KSBW's personalities to some country music from KRTY. Still, I'm trying my best to describe how I tried every effort possible to tune in to McGurk whenever he's on the air - which McGurk might praise for that...

Original Work: Kyle Chak
Twitter/Instagram: @KyleSChak
NOTE: Edits to this blog has been made since the initial post.

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