Saturday, June 18, 2016

McGurk: The New Face of KRTY on Saturday Mornings?!

As KLIV said their goodbyes to all the news personnel, there was a scramble of personnel changes at KRTY and the new classic country music format at KLIV known as "country gold." After a lot of careful decisions, I've been told by KLIV when I asked them about the change from news to music that there will be personnel from KRTY programming their schedules to include a simulcast of KRTY's "Gary and Julie in the Morning" show, plus John McLeod and Randy Jones - and even more. KRTY listeners who were used to hearing the voice of Kim Vestal in the past might want to be accustomed to the changes. While I have enjoyed KLIV for local news in the past as I drove along Story Road (across from Walmart) past their studios near Lucretia Avenue, it was also time for a change in regards to me. But with Vestal moving away from news and continuing to do commercials for the station, there is a new face at KRTY that has a country-like voice with a Silicon Valley feel that reminds me of San Jose State University (despite me being an English major guy)...

That name is "McGurk," or Adam McGurk, the new face on the radio at KRTY heard every Saturday morning that I'm reviewing in this blog. McGurk, as the name would say on KRTY, loves Silicon Valley as much as I do, putting his love for San Jose. Waking me up at 6AM to hear McGurk on the radio is a surprise for me when KLIV changed formats from news to "country gold." McGurk has a modern voice that feels like home for me in Silicon Valley, which is why I have tried a small sample of listening to KRTY the whole time when McGurk was on air.

In the entire time that I have listened to McGurk online via the KRTY website, McGurk voice is so unique that I've decided to tune into KRTY every Saturday morning when he's on the air from 6 to 10AM! But it's likely unaware that McGurk knows that I'm a big fan of his unique voice with both a country voice and knowledge of the Silicon Valley as much as I do practice pronouncing unfamiliar names daily like San Martin, Ohlone-Chynoweth, Tamien, and Penetencia Creek. For country music fans, the Silicon Valley is definitely in need of a local voice that sounds like country, and Adam McGurk has proven to listeners like me that he is the next voice of country music in Santa Clara County... and beyond!

So the bottom line is why I listen to Adam McGurk - he's the voice of the next generation of country music in the Silicon Valley. I've enjoyed Gary Scott Thomas and Julie Stevens in the morning on KRTY and KLIV, with Randy Jones and John McLeod covering the drive home on KLIV during my first week listening to them. Despite my Asian ethnicity, country music in Silicon Valley with McGurk on the radio does remind me of San Martin, my current home nest. Listening to Adam McGurk on Saturday mornings does convince me to wake me up and get out of bed! However, I will be surprised if Adam McGurk does notice my social media pages after he reads this blog and/or if the morning team of Gary and Julie at KRTY reads it... But I do promise that this blog will never embarrass McGurk or the morning team at all - instead, I personally want to say thanks to Gary and Julie (on weekday mornings) and McGurk (on Saturday mornings) for inviting me to listen to them on the radio!

Original Work: Kyle Chak
Twitter: @KyleSChak

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