Wednesday, June 10, 2015

INVESTIGATION: Stockton Police To Look for Participants in Sideshows

My blog has been investigating Bay Area Racing for over a year, and many of San Jose city streets have been the targets of speeding cars that have awaken neighbors from many neighborhoods that are trying to get their peace and quiet. While I've saw a Mercury News article about Milpitas Square being the target of sideshows that resulted in assistance from Fremont, San Jose, and the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department, I've now learned that a Central Valley police department is likely putting Bay Area Racing under the microscope.

I'm referring to the Stockton police department, which a KCRA news report said that they are looking for cars involved in sideshows that residents were saying there are getting tired of. So I've decided to look deeper into the report and quickly found out for myself that there are Bay Area ties.


Bay Area Racing, founded by Dean Hodel, has been responsible for implementing several events both at public places and on public city streets around San Jose, Milpitas, unincorporated Santa Clara County, Stockton, and Tracy. One of my blogs have previously said that Bay Area Racing being accused by police departments in Milpitas, San Jose, Fremont, and the Santa Clara County Sheriff of organizing the event outside 99 Ranch Market at Milpitas Square. Hodel was responsible for being part of what was the making of the "Bay Area Racing Movie" or "BAR Movie" for short until the movie plans were cancelled.

I also indicated in my blog about residents in San Jose being awakened by the loud roar of cars on several major public roads throughout the city, including some San Jose State University professors that live near the affected areas. When a KCRA news report highlighted Stockton police of describing many residents getting sick and tired of screeching cars, San Jose is not the only city that local residents are sick and tired of. Stockton police have decided to take action and swarm the cities of Sacramento and Modesto looking for cars that participated in the sideshows. It still remains unclear if San Jose, Milpitas, or the Santa Clara County Sheriff is also doing the same. My investigation also revealed that Bay Area Racing has made falsified promises of having "no burnouts" in a poster that went up on Instagram in late January.


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My year-long investigation into the involvement of Bay Area Racing uncovered a few citations by the San Jose police department, but more cars have yet to be found. So far, I found that San Jose police has not released any information relating to citations and criminal charges involving Bay Area Racing, as do the Stockton police department, leaving me unanswered questions including to any information about his headquarters, and what his motivation behind the founding of Bay Area Racing.

Some San Jose and Stockton residents do want Hodel in jail for planning, promoting, participating, organizing, and executing the event despite that he is not directly involved in any of the races in San Jose, Milpitas, Tracy, and Stockton. This is already true in other countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore, where planning, promoting, participating, organizing, and executing the illegal stunts could land anyone directly in jail and include other forms of punishments including longer jail sentences for the former and caning for the latter country. Singapore, in particular, has a very low tolerance for anyone trying to promote illegal street racing and burnouts on public roads - participants in the race under their definition includes every person from the racing organizer to participants.

Despite Hodel's promises to look for a venue in Santa Clara County that handles legal street racing, questions still remain up in the air as to whether Stockton and/or San Jose police will be using the same tactic as what Singapore and Hong Kong does to crack down on all forms of illegal racing on public roads.

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Gallucci's Next Venture? The Kickstarter Project: Labels Warning of Consequences of Theft on Cell Phones

Nearly three years ago, I backed my first project on Kickstarter that started my backing of such projects. That founder is named Wesley LaPorte, who is the older brother of my high school classmate, Trenton. That product is called the PhoneSoap, which uses ultralight UV rays to instantly kill cell phones. Wesley invented the idea through research that ultralight UV rays do kill bacteria without the need of harsh chemical cleaners. Wesley is considered a genius at the project due to the ability to have ideas outside of the box.

Three years later, Anthony Gallucci is trying to learn from LaPorte's successful run. Gallucci was born in Southern California and came to Santa Clara County of where he attended San Jose State University. Gallucci to many people that he knows is an "outgoing, optimistic, driven, people person" and "think outside of the box type of guy" as he described. It is not exactly known of what made Gallucci decided to come to the Bay Area. Perhaps it's an opportunity for technology even though San Jose has already reached a million people. To my own personality, he is also described as a person that can also laugh a lot.


Mobile devices are very vulnerable to theft, and many police shows like Singapore's Crimewatch have showcased what happens when phones are stolen from a person.  The product that Gallucci plans to invent is a warning label that reminds every user about the theft of mobile devices and the serious consequences for stealing. When asked about how he approached the "Lucci" brand, he told me that when three million smartphones were stolen in 2013, he was not satisfied with what the market currently offered. That created a hole in the vulnerability to smartphones, of which theft of mobile devices will result in prosecution. As for the naming of the "Lucci" brand, the name is possibly derived from the last name "Gallucci."

During the Downtown Pleasanton First Wednesday party, I visited booths from three police departments to see what they thought of the "Lucci" project. So far, they do like the idea, which my main point is that I'm trying to spread the message about the project citing concerns of cell phone theft not only in public places locally, but also throughout the Bay Area and in many countries around the world. Most police departments in the Bay Area have not yet seen the "Lucci" product prior to the introduction to the new label with a major warning concerning cell phone theft.

Major countries around the world have different punishments for cell phone thefts. The sentencing for such thefts range from less than a year to over 3 years in prison (1 to 3 years in prison for the United States); some countries can also add additional enhancements to the punishments such as a random number of strokes (3 minimum) depending on the severity of the offense. Many police forces around the world do remind people to be vigilant.

According to Gallucci, if the project is successful on Kickstarter, he does plan to sell the product online, hoping to learn a lesson from how LaPorte has success with his projects. The project associated with the consequences of theft on cell phones is only the first foray into a bigger project in he hopes to achieve more success. The only hope for the Kickstarter project is the need for support from people who wants to educate others against cell phone theft. There is one clear reason why - he plans a project that will sound off the anti-theft alarm without the use of a cable, so if anyone plans to protect their phones, this project is the first step.

The "Lucci" Kickstarter Project: Click here for more details and to back the project.

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KSBW's Lead Forecaster Ready to Retire... The "Happy" and "Sad" for All...

25 miles in radius from Fremont Peak, situated in San Martin just one mile outside the Morgan Hill city limits is where I can easily reach KSBW via a small antenna, and that is why I do have a better reception from the Central Coast than from the Bay Area. However, San Martin is part of Santa Clara County, which itself is in the Bay Area DMA instead of the Central Coast DMA. As I do get ready to see major changes in the weather department at KSBW, it's time for me to also take a moment to hear what memories Jim Vanderswaan, the chief forecaster (known as the "lead forecaster" to his definition), has in my own mind.

KSBW's president and general manager, Joesph W. Heston, have responded to my Facebook wall posts on their page a couple of times. But this time, it's time for me to recall some of my memories of the fun that Vanderswaan has, both in seeing promos and in his funny moments on doing the weather.


Vanderswaan has been doing the forecasts since 1983, nearly two years after Dennis Lehnen (sports director) came to the station. The two combined would have a total of over 60 years of experience. Vanderswaan has been doing promos with Lehnen a couple of times in the 1990s. It's not only the promos that aired on "the big 8," but also one piece that also is considered his commitment to the community. So here are the three brief things that I think should be worth to watch from the past...

The first thing that came into mind was his "weather rap" promo that aired around 1995 with the kids doing all the singing. I was not the knowledgeable person as a kid during the time, but seeing the promo was kind of entertaining to the viewer who is a fan of Vanderswaan.

The second piece involved both Vanderswaan and Lehnen in a promo of which at an undisclosed location, they were having dinner and all of a sudden, they were put in the spotlight as local celebrates.

The third piece involves his commitment to "Share Your Holiday" and his knowledge of his moments with viewers who stopped by his booth in Hollister near Fire Station #2.


With Lee Solomon transferring to Chief Meteorologist and Art Jarrett going to weekday mornings from weekend evenings, it is unknown who is going to replace Jarrett on weekend evenings. One of the weather specialists, Phil Frame, who I saw on TV several times on "the big 8," is one thing I would have considered, but it is anyone's guess of who's filling in the weekend morning slot as well. So who's going to replace Vanderswaan on "Share Your Holiday" when he's already retired from KSBW? No one knows just yet, but time will tell as the event draws closer.

As for the future of KSBW, I hope that one day, the station will have a better picture and clarity to tell the weather and news in glorious high definition, somethings that Vanderswaan won't be doing as part of his retirement. My personal wishes is that the entire news team would interact on Twitter so viewers can see. For now, I will give my hats off to Jim Vanderswaan, who passes on the torch to Lee Solomon and Art Jarrett, respectively (who I hope that the two will also be on Twitter soon), plus whoever is doing the weekend forecasts.

Happy retirement, Jim Vanderswaan!

1. Ferdaland Holum will be doing the weekend evening forecast. Jonathan Bass has been seen doing the weekend morning forecast; Phil Frame will still fill-in (6/10).

2. Minor additions to the blog since the original edit.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Paseo De San Antonio Station - Uncooperative Man in Custody

There are no pictures in this blog, as I can only tell readers about how my first day at San Jose State University went... For the most part, it was quiet for me, but the end was a brief shocker... In this brief blog, my eyes were the camera, but not my electronics like iPhones and iPads.

Its the first day of my summer session at San Jose State University. I was just getting out of my first day of my summer class getting ready to do my reading assignment at home back in San Martin, waiting for a Santa Teresa-bound light rail train to take me to Ohlone-Chynoweth from Paseo de San Antonio. Normally, everything was peaceful until something was not right...

While I was waiting for the light rail, I heard a threat from one man sitting down and shouting at a skateboarder. I was completely silent during the exchange, but it was enough for the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Transit Patrol to notice from only a few feet at Starbucks - they were sitting outside. That simple word exchange turned into a sense of suspicion for me - in other words, I suspect something was wrong.

I witnessed an arrest was made, with the man being resistant to sheriff deputies. It is not exactly known what he is arrested for, but to me, I was thinking it is anyone's guess. The bag left on the ground was not mine, but I was forced to move away from the ordeal even though no directions were given by the deputies. It was a big, but brief scare for me and several of my fellow riders who like me were waiting patiently for a light rail train. 

The three sheriff deputies who were on duty while on break at Starbucks did a great job reacting quickly. If I do see them again, I should thank them for keeping a watchful eye, and perhaps shake their hands and invite them.

Now that the scary moment is over, it's time for me to do my homework... If anyone else has inquiries, please feel free to let me know.

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