Friday, May 8, 2015

INVESTIGATION: Who is Really Behind the "Illegal Races" in Santa Clara County?

Residents and shoppers in Santa Clara County are sick and tired of hearing the screeches at parking lots and public roads. The loud pipes from cars and motorcycles are among the lists that residents and shoppers wish that

My year-long investigation uncovers false claims and promises by a local group that claims to promise "no burnouts" and that it was just a meeting.

The problem centers on many roads in Santa Clara County that news reporters described based on YouTube videos that was viewed by people at home wanting to know what is going on. Only I gathered the facts and uncovered who the people behind Bay Area Racing are and why the movie was still being "built" until recent developments.


Bay Area Racing is a racing organization headed by a team of people who strives to have people's cars race on San Jose streets. The three people that were allegedly involved in the production all have connections to reports from law enforcement agencies. 

The movie that Bay Area Racing was planning to do was on the life of the "culture of street racing." The founder of Bay Area Racing, Dean Hodel, led the charge to post consistent videos showing their highlights up on their YouTube page. He wants to find a venue of where he could let cars race legally. So far, there were no suitable venues found. 

My review of the pictures on social media reveals disturbing details on the execution of street racing that caught the attention of various law enforcement agencies, including (but not limited to) San Jose, Milpitas, Tracy, Stockton, Fremont, the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department, and the California Highway Patrol (CHP). News crews did stories on sideshows and street racing on local streets in San Jose, Milpitas, Tracy, and Stockton; the latter two highlighted by a Sacramento FOX station. The video posted on YouTube reveals that Bay Area Racing accused that FOX station of "false reporting", but my findings uncovered that the reporting by the Sacramento FOX station is true through the image I tried to examine.

NBC Bay Area news reporter Damian Trujillo profiled who Bay Area Racing was through a video posted on YouTube that had two women racing each other in north San Jose, not far from First Street and California State Route 237. The two women were not from San Jose, but it remains unclear of what is the motive for the women to come down to San Jose.

Meanwhile, San Jose State University staff and professors that live in Santa Clara County are reportedly sick and tired of cars trying to disrupt their peace and quiet through the illegal street racing on major roads. However, it remains unclear of how many professors reside near areas of where street racing and sideshows are prevalent.


Bay Area Racing is not the only racing organization that has ties with both the Bay Area and Central Valley. Fresno-based Fearless Muscle also were involved, most notably when sideshows were performed along the Golden Gate Bridge and inside the Waldo Tunnel. The California Highway Patrol is still trying to figure out the motive behind Fearless Muscle's bold move to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Fearless Muscle, like Bay Area Racing, also has a share of problems. It is not clear where Fearless Muscle does their illegal stunts, but a YouTube post reveals that Fearless Muscle have wrecked Oakland streets, disturbing neighbors with occasional deadly results.


During the making of the movie, Hodel and two others reportedly had a "conflict of interest" with each other. According to Bay Area Racing's Instagram page, the organization has reportedly cut ties with them because he shouted lies to the organization in regards to the movie. It remains unclear of the status of the other.

My investigation also uncovered that one of the persons involved in working with Hodel is also part of a team on a website that sells shirts which also contains marijuana symbols.

Most recently, Milpitas Square was the target of Bay Area Racing's sideshow and race meeting, as reported by the San Jose Mercury News. Milpitas police had to call backup from San Jose, Fremont, the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department, and the California Highway Patrol. Almost immediately after I first saw posts on social media, I went to investigate. It turns out that Bay Area Racing was responsible for all of the activities at Milpitas Square, depicted on their YouTube page with the rest of the highlights posted on their Instagram page.

It is unclear of whether multiple law enforcement agencies are (or will be) looking for Hodel, who was responsible for setting up and executing plans for all the illegal street events in San Jose, Milpitas, Oakland (near the Port of Oakland, in particular), Tracy, Stockton, and unincorporated Santa Clara County (including near Morgan Hill). But it remains unclear of where Bay Area Racing is actually based, so there should be an investigative reporter that knows (or will know) more about Hodel and how he founded Bay Area Racing.

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Blog Announcement Preview - Another Kickstarter Project?

Two years ago, the first Kickstarter project I recalled backing was a device called the PhoneSoap. This was the first project that Wesley LaPorte, the brother of my high school class of 2007, Trenton, had first invented in 2012 and successfully raised over $63,000.

The year is now 2015, and another one of my friends (though not from my high school) wants to create a Kickstarter project. He first attempted to design a bar soap that would "banish" any harsh ingredients, though Kickstarter rejected the proposal. The mission of his project is to help secure a person's device more efficiently. So what is the project called, and how does he want to complete the mission? The answer will be coming soon, with the date to be announced.

In the meantime, he wants to do a video to showcase Kickstarter viewers what the project looks like. So far, since no one is stepping up to help him create a video, I'm the only guy that has a GoPro camera that would help. He believes a GoPro would be useful in creating a video.

However, major changes will be coming to my GoPro camera. Within a week or two, I plan to replace the micro-SD chip with a better quality version to accommodate video recording with no buzzing sounds. The video will be part of my own YouTube post in a video playlist separate from other videos not shot on my GoPro, though my word mark will appear. The replacement of my micro-SD chip is another important step forward towards my investment in my GoPro, something that I've been working on for a couple of years. I will keep the old micro-SD chip for computer and regular camera use in the event that I would need to back up files.

The official announcement will be in this blog or in my GoPro blog. Until then, please make inquires with me.

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