Friday, February 10, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Morgan Hill Mudslide Shut Down East Dunne Avenue

The only roadway from Morgan Hill to Henry W. Coe State Park may have been a surprise to many residents east of Anderson Reservoir. Drivers encountered that surprise when they tried to leave for work, school, or play. A mudslide that carried a tree toppled onto East Dunne Avenue leaving many drivers inconvenienced. One driver who got out of his truck said that he was trying to get back to his residence east of Anderson Reservoir. A California State Park ranger who happened to be in the area brought out his shovels and called the the Santa Clara County Roads and Airport Department, who arrived after 9AM to partially clear the roadway. Two more trucks arrived at the scene to assist. Crews are still trying to figure out how the tree got onto East Dunne Avenue. One driver even volunteered to drive the student to Britton Middle School.

Fresco News was the first to uncover the early morning mudslide as the investigation into Anderson Reservoir's water revealed in a social media post that the capacity level well exceeded the 68% threshold. The Santa Clara Valley Water District issued a message to Morgan Hill residents about seismic concerns about the possibility of a large earthquake that is long overdue. The project, obtained by this blogger on Thursday night, revealed that an earthquake that has a magnitude of 7.25 or greater is a deep concern. Officials with the water district are anticipating to start the fortification of the Anderson Dam in 2020 and complete it by 2024.